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If you would like to learn some of the basic techniques for winning at casino games, check out the tools and analyzers that are listed on the right.

If you would like to learn some of the basics for winning at sports betting, check out the sports betting tools.

Want to know the payback of a game? My video poker section contains an analyzer that will allow you to calculate a game's total return based on a customizable paytable.

There's only one program here: the world's first perfect-play blackjack applet. With this tool, you can see the best way to play any hand for a variety of rules and any subset of a shoe.

Keno is usually one of the worst games in the casino. However, if you must play, you should at least know what kind of odds you're up against. Use my program to calculate the odds for 1-15 picks.

Poker is a game of wits, skill and some luck.  Playing at United States online casinos for real money can be fun and exciting.  There are a couple of tools that you can use to improve your game. A poker calculator can help you find out where you went wrong, while a poker tracker can help you avoid the big losses in the first place.

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